Construction Accidents

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Construction Accident Lawyers

Colorado Springs Construction Accident Lawyers

With heavy machinery, powerful tools and oftentimes excavations or scaffolding, there’s an inherent danger to working or even being at a construction site. One that government safety regulations are supposed to mitigate.

Regrettably, some employers cut corners or ignore safety regulations and workers will pay the price. Many injuries result from scaffold collapses or workers being crushed by heavy machinery, building materials and sometimes from the carelessness of coworkers.

Almost any injury means that time is lost from work, leading to worries about finances and a dread of what the next day will bring.

Heuser & Heuser can help if you or a loved one suffered an injury at a construction site. We’ve been practicing law in Colorado Springs for 25 years and have helped thousands of clients here, in Pueblo, Alamosa, along the Arkansas Valley, Pikes Peak and elsewhere on the Front Range get the compensation needed to relieve those financial worries.


Experience and Service

The attorneys and staff at Heuser & Heuser understand how confusing it can be to deal with medical records, insurance companies and police reports, so we take care of those chores for you. And we also make sure you know what is going on at each phase of your case.

Construction accidents typically result in severe and often fatal injuries. Your Heuser legal team has experience handling cases for a number of injuries, including:


Workers’ Compensation

Construction accidents almost invariably lead to work-related injuries, so victims typically need to file a workers’ compensation claim. We deal with workers’ compensation cases day in and day out.

It doesn’t matter how you were hurt in a construction accident or how seriously, our attorneys have the skill and resources to help. Gordon and Barkley Heuser oversee every case our firm handles and we’re committed to making sure all the details are handled while you work on getting your life back to normal.


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