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What should you do if the other driver flees the scene? Ask Colorado Springs car accident lawyers

Not all hit-and-run crashes are as dramatic as the one that took place recently in Colorado Springs. According to an article posted on the Colorado Springs Gazette website, a hit-and-run driver drove off after a crash, abandoned his vehicle, and tried to steal two different vehicles before finally carjacking a third and getting away.

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Your Colorado Springs Car Wreck Attorneys Can Help You With Punitive Damages

If you’ve had a car accident involving injuries, working with Colorado Springs car wreck attorneys is going to be imperative in order to gain compensation from a driver at fault. While we have an excellent track record of being successful in that arena, sometimes suing for more deliberate acts in car accidents can gain you further justice.

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Two Colorado Springs Jeep Accidents Raise Concerns Over Particular Vehicles

Certain cars aren’t necessarily more dangerous than others.  Any vehicle can potentially be involved in an accident that could leave a driver or passenger seriously injured.  However, there have recently been two back to back accidents that have involved jeeps in Colorado Springs. The first accident occurred last Wednesday on East Fillmore.

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Proving a Truck Driver is at Fault for Your Accident Injuries

When a truck hits you while traveling through Colorado Springs, it’s imperative to contact a Colorado Springs truck accident attorney so you can work with a local attorney to prove your side. Accident injuries involving large trucks can be very devastating, which means you may have to seek compensation if your injuries that prevent you from being able to work.

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Recent Construction Zone Accident Raises Concerns

Last weekend, a man lost his life on Interstate 25.  It was a tragic reminder of the dangers that both workers and drivers face around the construction zones that can be found all around Colorado.  We hope such a senseless wreck will help raise awareness and deter future tragedies. As many of you know an expansion project is underway on I-25.

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